Multi Deep Radio Shuttle Racking
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  • Indo-Built Multi-Deep Radio Shuttle Racking is an ideal solution for storage of FMCG consumable products like Pharma, bulk drugs, beverages, food stuffs, electronic house hold products etc; where in huge volumes of standard type products are produced, stored, retrieved & distributed in larger volumes in and out of manufacturing units or warehouses
  • The automatic shuttle slaves are custom designed to suit the specific pallets sizes & its loads. During storage the radio shuttles on which the loads are placed gets detached from the material equipments, then travels though pallet rails fixed onto the racking, stores the load, detach & return to the point of loading. During retrieval the radio shuttles travels through the rails, picks up the pallet, travel to the point of retrieval & detach itself from the pallets which are then picked up by using the basic material handling equipments for onward travel & distribution
  • Unlike conventional Drive- in Drive- through racking, the operations guided by radio shuttles absolutely eliminates any unwanted entry of Material handling equipments or Humans into the racking structure, thus ensuring high degree of Man, Machine & Material safety & combined with overall Structural Safety

The system can be absolutely custom built to ensure FIFO or FILO applications.

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