Motorised Mobile Racking
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  • Indo-Built Motorised mobile compactor shelvings are unique and innovative method to increase the floor Space storage area by eliminating all un-wanted aisles, which are otherwise required between every rows of conventional racking system. It is an efficient storage system that can increase storage capacities upto 100%, equipped with modern technology, enhanced safety features & customised to customer applications
  • Its 100% indigenous, electrically driven drive mechanism ensures smooth movement of the units on rails fixed onto surface floor levels, thus creating the aisle spaces only for the particular unit to be currently used for storage & retrieval
  • The compactors form to be entirely closed unit when brought together, ensuring dust free and hygienic storage conditions, which are mandatory for Pharma, Electronic Assembly line etc, as per GMP/ FDA/ MCA / ISO standards. All units can be provided with optional individual safety locking and floor mounted central locking devices to ensure restricted access to the system only for the authorized personnel. The drive is designed to ensure a smooth, effortless flow and 100% maintenance free continuous operation
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